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Enlenmeyer Flask, Vacuum Flask, Density Bottle

Enlenmeyer Flask
Glass made, provided with scale.
RG-430 Enlenmeyer Flask 125 ml capacity
RG-431 Enlenmeyer Flask 250 ml capacity
RG-432 Enlenmeyer Flask 500 ml capacity
RG-433 Enlenmeyer Flask 1000 ml capacity
RG-434 Enlenmeyer Flask 2000 ml capacity
Vacuum Flask
Thick glass with side tabulation for vacuum hose, provided with scale.
RG-430A Vacuum Flask 125 ml capacity
RG-431A Vacuum Flask 250 ml capacity
RG-432A Vacuum Flask 500 ml capacity
RG-433A Vacuum Flask 1000 ml capacity
RG-434A Vacuum Flask 2000 ml capacity
Density Bottle
RG-440 Density Bottle 50 ml capacity
RG-441 Density Bottle 100 ml capacity