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Funnel, Burrete, Evaporating Dish, Mortar and Pestle, Wash Bottle, Pipette, Crucibles

RG-470 Funnel Plastic, narrow mouth
RG-471 Funnel Plastic, wide mouth
RG-472 Funnel Glass, narrow mouth
RG-473 Funnel Glass, wide mouth
Graduated glass, with stopper.
RG-480 Burrete 21 ml capacity
RG-481 Burrete 25 ml capacity
RG-482 Burrete 50 ml capacity
RG-483 Burrete 100 ml capacity
Evaporating Dish
heat resistance porcelain.
RG-500 Evaporating Dish 9 cm dia., 100 ml capacity
RG-501 Evaporating Dish 12 cm dia., 250 ml capacity
RG-502 Evaporating Dish 15 cm dia., 350 ml capacity
RG-503 Evaporating Dish 17 cm dia., 500 ml capacity
Mortar and Pestle
Thick porcelain dish grinding materials.
RG-510 Mortar and Pestle 12 cm diameter approx.
RG-511 Mortar and Pestle 15 cm diameter approx.
RG-512 Mortar and Pestle 18 cm diameter approx.
Wash Bottle
Plastic bottle, with tubing
RG-521 Wash Bottle 250 ml capacity
RG-522 Wash Bottle 500 ml capacity
RG-523 Wash Bottle 1000 ml capacity
Graduated glass for accurate water leaving in flask.
RG-530 Pipette 5 ml capacity
RG-531 Pipette 10 ml capacity
RG-532 Pipette 15 ml capacity
Porcelain with perforated bottom without cover.
RG-540 Crucible 13ml capacity approx.
RG-541 Crucible 18ml capacity approx.
RG-542 Crucible 25ml capacity approx.
RG-543 Crucible 40ml capacity approx.