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This equipment is used to demonstrate of hydropower

  1. This unit consist of a small scale representation of hydro power turbines, preferably in bench top unit
  2. Construction consist of a staillees steel reservoir, a circulating pump, associated pipe work on Supported base
  3. The flow of water is measured by an orifice plate
  4. The pump discharge pipe work incorporated a throttle valve to allow adjustment of water flow or supplied to a turbine mounted on unit
  5. Water circulation is provided by high and low head of two series or centrifugal pump (max flow 0.30 l/s at head 29 m)
  6. A measurement sensor is include to monitor differential pressure across the orifice
  7. Service required, single phase 220/240/50 Hz include an educational/teaching and operation manual.
  8. Overal dimension: 0.8 x 1.2 x 1.25 m (approx.