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Specific Gravity of Hydraulic Cement Test

Dimension (l x w x h) : 20 x 20 x 30 cm
Gross Weight : 8 kg
For determining specific gravity of hydraulic cement
RE-111 Le Chatelier Flask 250 ml cap., the neck graduated 0-1 ml and 15-24 ml 1 Pc
RE-112 Kerosene Deaired kerosene 1 Ltr
RG-473 Funnel Glass, narrow mouth 1 Pc
RG-521 Wash Bottle Plastic, 250 ml capacity 1 Pc
RG-530 Pipette Glass, 5 ml capacity 1 Pc
RG-600 Thermometer Glass, 0-50OC 1 Pc
RG-820 Spatula 150 mm blade length 1 Pc
RG-922 Soft Brush Round type 1 Pc

Also required, but not part of this set :

RG-150 Cent o-gram balance